I had lots of fun looking through all the photos of the stars who paraded their way down the Golden Globes red carpet last weekend, but even though there were so many gorgeous dresses on show, all was not completely hunky-dory in the sartorial stakes – I also compiled my dreaded list of who really should have had a bit of a rethink, and put their chosen dresses back in the wardrobe !!.



GG 2015 01

Well, it was the first really big important awards show of 2015 last Sunday, and even though I haven’t been doing much in the way of fashion blogging lately, I couldn’t resist the lure of a really good red carpet !! So I thought I would take a look at the major red carpet trends that emerged from the Golden Globe Awards, and see the kind of looks we can expect from this red carpet season.

The main thing that was immediately obvious was that almost every lady star wore one of three colours – red was the most popular with more than ten major stars choosing this brilliant shade. The second most popular seemed to be white, with most of the major stars who weren’t wearing red going for this purest of colours.

After that it was black, which is a perennially popular colour of course, and shades of metallic silvery-grey and gunmetal. There was a small but significant number of brilliant cobalt and teal blues on show which I will put my big money on for the Oscars red carpet. I think the blue dresses that showed up here were few, but such gorgeous shades that a lot of stars are going to go down that route come March. I’d put money on it…

Here are my favourite dresses in each colour category:-


Oscars 2014


86th Annual Academy Awards 04


Yes – it’s Oscars time again !! This year, the Kodak Theatre venue has been temporarily renamed the Hollywood & Highland Center, after the sad demise of the Kodak company last year, but it’s still the same huge auditorium / theatre entertainment and shopping complex.
I have been hard at work sifting through all the red carpet pics, sorting out the very best and the very worst of the fashion choices from last night !! There were some very popular colour choices that came up again and again – plain white and plain black were the most popular, most of which came with beading, sequins, pleating, or lace !! As for colours, there were a few reds, but on the whole, pastel shades were out in force…peach, pale pink, pale blue and silvery-grey. Of course, there were some spectacular jewellery and accessories on show too – I will be doing a special on them over at my jewellery blog here:-
Do come and have a look, when you have a moment !!
In the meantime, come and see what everyone wore, and what some perhaps shouldn’t have worn…


SAG Awards Worst Dressed

20th SAG Awards 2014

1 SAG Awards logo 01


The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are deemed to be a bit special in Hollywood as they are the only awards given and voted on by the actors themselves.


Golden Globes 2014

red-carpet 02

After a long weekend break over in Krakow, to celebrate one of my Polish friend’s 40th birthday, here I am back in the UK to get stuck in to the Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes – before launching into the next awards ceremony – the SAG Awards which happened on Sunday evening !!




GG Red carpet 01

For all the newcomers to this style-blog on WordPress, let me explain:-

I wade my way through around 2000 photos from these shows, seeing as I don’t get to attend in person, and gather together what I consider to be the absolute cream of the crop – the Top 20 Best Dresses on the red carpet – and then I chat about why I like their fashion choices !! I also award Gold Stars for the very best of the best.

My second post, or sometimes in the same post if there aren’t too many, is my own personal Room 101 – my Worst Dressed list – same criteria !! People seem to like this format – it’s been successful for the last seven years on Live Journal, so maybe it’ll be successful here too – please don’t hesitate to come in and tell me what you think ?

Last Sunday evening,  the Awards Season for 2014 got off to a great start with the first really big awards show in the annual round – the Golden Globes. Come on in and see what I liked the best on the red carpet, and see if you agree with my choices !!


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