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Well, it was the first really big important awards show of 2015 last Sunday, and even though I haven’t been doing much in the way of fashion blogging lately, I couldn’t resist the lure of a really good red carpet !! So I thought I would take a look at the major red carpet trends that emerged from the Golden Globe Awards, and see the kind of looks we can expect from this red carpet season.

The main thing that was immediately obvious was that almost every lady star wore one of three colours – red was the most popular with more than ten major stars choosing this brilliant shade. The second most popular seemed to be white, with most of the major stars who weren’t wearing red going for this purest of colours.

After that it was black, which is a perennially popular colour of course, and shades of metallic silvery-grey and gunmetal. There was a small but significant number of brilliant cobalt and teal blues on show which I will put my big money on for the Oscars red carpet. I think the blue dresses that showed up here were few, but such gorgeous shades that a lot of stars are going to go down that route come March. I’d put money on it…

Here are my favourite dresses in each colour category:-



Allison chose this stunning creation designed by Giorgio Armani from his Armani Privé Collection, and what a fabulous dress it is. Tiered layers of red tulle embroidered with red crystals ro make it sparkle and shine.

Allison Williams 01      Allison Williams 02

Allison looks a million dollars in this – the strapless shape is flattering and the wide skirt which sways to and fro as she walks gives it movement and animation.

She went for a very polished flawless make-up look, with a smoky eye-shadow and liner and a natural soft reddish tone lipstick – this whole make-up look is what I’d call glamorously natural, and well-defined. In other words, it’s not exactly natural but it isn’t so unnatural that it screams overdone.

Here’s a close-up of the dress fabric so that you can see the unusual embellishment – the whole dress is covered in what looks like red square crystal beads:-

Allison Williams 03


Anna went for this gorgeous blush-pink dress covered with intricate ruby-red sequins and bugle beads, designed by Monique L’Huillier from her Pre-fall 2015 Collection, which had its airing about a month ago.

Anna Kendrick 01      Anna Kendrick 02

I love this dress on Anna – she looks like she has just emerged from ‘Gone With the Wind’ – it has a definite touch of the Deep South about it, I must say, even though it is clearly a thoroughly modern red carpet design !! It’s beautiful and romantic, and an absolutely fitting choice for her, with her latest film being the modern fairy-tale ‘Into the Woods‘ – it does look like a fairy-tale dress !!

She went for a nice intricate braided bun in the nape of her neck for a simple yet sophisticated look, and had a sterling make-up job done for this party. It looks flawless and again, simple yet sophisticated. Fred Leighton supplied her with some truly gorgeous jewels to complement this dress – earrings and rings in diamonds and rubies – perfect !!

Anna Kendrick 03     Anna Kendrick 04


Catherine has been a bit absent lately, so it’s lovely to see her back on the red carpet – for this event she chose an amazingly dramatic red gown designed by South American favourite, Angel Sanchez.

Catherine Zeta Jones 01      Catherine Zeta Jones 02

I have to say that I just love to see strapless dresses like this, with interesting draping effects round the bosom – it’s such a flatteringly glamorous and sexy look !! The dress needs to be able to virtually stand up on its own – Dame Viv does this kind of thing extraordinarily well, and a few other designers, and this one is clearly of the same calibre.

Again, natural but well-defined make-up, with a very smoky eye and a natural glossy lipstick makes for a perfect look. Interesting earrings too.

Catherine Zeta Jones 03      Catherine Zeta Jones 04


Heidi is a real trouper when it comes to the red carpet – she is a past master at flaunting perfectly toned limbs in strapless slinky creations, usually from the sketch-book of Donnatella…and this is no exception !! This is from Atelier Versace, and is a perfect example of the Versace style – sexy, glamorous, daring with a split up to there !!

Heidi Klum 02      Heidi Klum 03

I love the whole look from the matching red strappy shoes (red carpet is the one place where you can do matchy-matchy for all it’s worth) to her beautifully coiffured waves and red lipstick, to the very rings on her fingers !!

She is still every inch a super-model and works it to perfection.

Heidi Klum 04


Dame Hels rarely puts a foot wrong on the red carpet – here she is in her gorgeous red figure-hugging gown from Dolce & Gabbana, featuring a flattering portrait neckline embellished with crystals, and a giant safety pin holding a pen – a symbol of her support for the principle of free speech following recent appalling events over in Paris.

Helen Mirren 01      Helen Mirren 02

I love the whole crystal embellishment here which seems to match the blue of the pen – what a fabulous look for her !! She is sporting a pair of very impressive earrings from Chopard, which I love, and on their own with a plain version of this dress would have been wonderful, but I wonder, with everything else that’s going on here, if a smaller pair of diamond studs wouldn’t have been a better choice ? Still, they do look amazing in close up…and at almost seventy, she has earned the right to wear what she likes !!

Helen Mirren 02a


Here’s another old hand at the red carpet – Jane Fonda really does know how to work the glamorous slinky dress for all its worth, and she is well past seventy I think !! Here she is looking fabulous in a Versace gown, adapted slightly from the runway original. She has had the beaded sheer sleeve added, which is a flattering choice, and doesn’t take away from the original design at all. This is from the Versace Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, shown in December, and features a somewhat glammed-up version of the infamous safety-pin dress that propelled Liz Hurley to tabloid stardom !! This featured gold beaded safety pins, curvy cut-outs, and a thigh-high split, which Jane promptly had filled in to suit her own style.

Jane Fonda 01     Jane Fonda 02

She wore a fabulous pair of dangly Bulgari earrings, which you can just about see in her close-up, and carried a clutch bag which looked like a modern Art Deco-inspired piece in red mirrored glass. This was from the Rauwolf brand and proved to be a very desirable choice !!

Jane Fonda 03


Taylor Schilling also went for a big-skirted look with this amazing custom-designed halter-neck gown by Ralph Lauren – and what a fabulous look !! Glamorous and sexy, and yet not too revealing – and beautifully fitted – that’s what it means to have something custom-designed, I guess.

Taylor Schilling 01      Taylor Schilling 01a

Quite often this style of dress reveals a whole lot more than you want to see, but this is really well done, with an almost totally backless look, saved by the strap going across the middle.  That strap means that the dress actually doesn’t gape embarassingly anywhere around the side, which is very important, and goes a long way to getting her included in my Top 25 Best Dressed Ladies at the Globes this year !!

A chic, simple but elegant low bun, and almost bare eyes combined with bright red lipstick completes her look.

Taylor Schilling 02      Taylor Schilling 03


It’s a rare awards ceremony where I don’t include Viola in my Best Dressed list, and so here she is again, in the red section by virtue of the amazing Donna Karan Atelier creation she is wearing.

Viola Davis 01      Viola Davis 02a

This truly is an amazing dress – I love all the hexagonal sequins in tones of burgundy, red and pink, and I love the whole shape of the strapless bodice and skirt, with its slight train and gloriously heavy look.

She went all out for glamour with diamond earrings and a chunky silver and diamond cuff in an unusual modern design. She went for a soft wavy hairstyle which is flattering around her face, and smoky eyes and bright red lipstick to go with the dress.

Viola Davis 02      Viola Davis 03

Many ladies went for the bright red option – more than usual, I must say. The other favourite colour on Sunday evening was white – a difficult colour to wear on the red carpet as it’s so easy to look too bridal, and also a colour which doesn’t always suit everyone – paler skin tones tend to look washed out which makes you look ill, or at least temporarily indisposed – however, all these ladies below were pretty successful with this potentially unforgiving colour.



Amanda’s white dress is actually a very pale shade of blue-grey, giving the impression of off-white. The graceful Grecian-style fine pleating of this beautiful dress is both flattering and interesting. This was designed by J. Mendel

Amanda Peet 01     Amanda Peet 04

She went for a lighter eye make-up than others, opting instead for a heavy wine-red lipstick with matching nails, which offset the whole pale look of the dress. With her hair pulled into a low-slung and slightly messy side-bun, and understated but sparkly diamond earrings, this was a fab look for her.

I also rather liked her silver textured-metal box-clutch – very unusual and very interesting !!

Amanda Peet 03


Emily chose a white dress from the Michael Kors custom design book – a rare privilege for any star – I loved this beautiful white, and slightly Grecian-looking, criss-cross style for the red carpet. She looks astoundingly well, especially since she was apparently battling a dose of flu at the time, so kudos to her for lasting the course.

Emily Blunt 01      Emily Blunt 02

She chose an absolutely stunning turquoise and silver flowery pair of earrings and a matching bracelet from Lorraine Schwartz Jewels, which rather takes the whole outfit into a whole other level. What I mean is that the dress on its own is beautiful, but the combination of dress accentuated with the jewellery is just fabulous !!

Like a few others at this ceremony, she went with a plaited milkmaid braids wound round her head – is this a new fad ? Hers work rather well, but it wasn’t necessarily the case with all of them !!

Emily Blunt 05      Emily Blunt 04


Julia went to fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez for her red carpet gown, and chose this beautiful one-shouldered fitted dress with delicate beading all over the bodice, and had the whole dress perfectly-fitted to her petite frame.

Julia Louis Dreyfus 01 Julia Louis Dreyfus 02

I liked this dress a lot – it suits her well – she can wear pure white as she doesn’t have that pale fair skin which might look a bit washed out in such a stark colour. The smoky eye make-up and peachy lipstick help a lot actually, and the dangly earrings are simply fab !! I also love her gorgeous embellished box-clutch – it looks a lot like mother-of-pearl.

Julia Louis Dreyfus 03


This figure-hugging gown was the work of Donnatella of course,  from the Atelier Versace Collection, and works well because the design of the front gives an impression of a waistcoat shape, which is terribly flattering, no matter what shape you’re in !!

Kate Hudson 01     Kate Hudson 02

Now, normally I don’t like dresses to be quite this revealing as a rule – round the front anyway, but in this case, Kate Hudson wears it extraordinarily well. The reason she gets away with this is because she isn’t too busty for it – the cleavage is there certainly,  but she isn’t in any danger of falling out of it, either frontways or sodeways. This is an important point because there are plenty of stars who think they can get away with this kind if thing and , well – they just can’t !!

Also, tarty make-up is very much off the menu here as well – she looks clean-cut and pretty, with her hair drawn back into a bun, and natural barely-there make-up. With tiny silver and diamond earrings, demure is almost what I’d call her look, if she wasn’t flashing the flesh in such a dramatic way !!

Kate Hudson 03 Kate Hudson 04


Salma Hayek went with this dramatic strapless gown, in white satin cloqué, with an underpinning that means it could stand up on its own, rather like Catherine Zeta-Jones’s gown !! This creation is from the sketch book of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, as if you couldn’t guess from the famous knuckle-duster clutch she is carrying.

Salma Hayek 01      Salma Hayek 02

If there was one thing I’d certainly take away from this amazing look, it’s that flowery and rather bridal hair-piece. She is wearing the most amazing silver and diamond Boucheron earrings in the shape of a huge feather hanging from her ears, so why does she need to distract from them ? I get that she wanted to take the hair back to show them off, but a plain black comb grip or hair-slide would have done the job. I love the earrings and covet them for my Etsy shop !!

Salma Hayek 04



The third most popular colour at last Sundays Golden Globes ceremony was, of course, the ever popular black. First up in my list was the new Mrs Clooney…


Amal looked an absolute picture of elegance in this amazing black column gown with a flyaway panel coming from the shoulder. I wouldn’t mind betting that most designers were queuing up at her door to dress her for this awards season, and this time it was Raf Simons who won the toss for Christian Dior.

Amal Clooney 01     Amal Clooney 02

This is from the Couture range of course, and suits her wonderfully classic style. She is tall and elegant and can wear this kind of thing fabulously well, don’t you think ?!! Like most other fashion bloggers it seems, the only thing I found a bit distracting were the white gloves. Now I love the idea of 1950s-style elbow-length evening gloves with an evening gown, but black ones would have been a better choice in my view.

I do love her fabulous dangly earrings from Harry Winston, and the white clutch relieves the black, but it should have been the only bit of white visible here !! All in all, she made a great show on the red carpet, which must have been nerve-racking, but then she’s used to the limelight in her high profile court cases, I should think !! She looked confident and relaxed, and has presence on the red carpet – yes, she’ll be a big hit !! I look forward to seeing what else she wears at the rest of the awards ceremonies coming up this Spring.

Amal Clooney 03


Jennifer chose this rather understated black column dress with a strappy halter-neckline and a bodice full of black sequins, which others found to be a tad disappointing. I liked it however, and found it to be elegant and chic. This is from Saint Laurent, the rather revamped incarnatiuon of the old Yves Saint-Laurent label, with Hedi Slimane at the design helm.


Jennifer Aniston 01     Jennifer Aniston 02

It has all the design features that we have come to expect from a YSL design – the streamlined Empire column shape, the subtle black sequin-work and the flat pleats that mimic the black cummerbund that men usually wear with their tux – in fact, the whole woman dressed as man is echoed there in that particular detail, and marks this out as a Saint Laurent design more than anything else !!

She swept her hair up in a sophisticated bun and chose these amazing gold and black Etruscan-style dangly earrings – what a fabulous choice !! In fact, the long dangly errings have been a bit of a trend in themselves on this red carpet, I think…

Jennifer Aniston 03     Jennifer Aniston 04


Jessica Chastain never fails to impress on the red carpet, and so here she is in a sexy black dress designed by Donnatella again, from Atelier Versace. This doesn’t have the trademark thigh-high split that we have come to expect from a Versace dress, and that’s because it plunges down to her waist instead. It would never do to have both design features on the same gown – oh no !!

Jessica Chastain 01      Jessica Chastain 02

Jessica just about gets away with this even though she is pretty well endowed in the bosom department – the deep V-neckline isn’t so far apart as to render it indecent – if she and Kate Hudson swapped dresses, imagine how disastrous that would be ?!!

She kept everything else quite simple, with her long hair swept over one shoulder and pretty dangly diamond earrings making a bit of a statement. Now I come to look at this dress closely, I see that it isn’t a pure black, but rather the darkest brown you can imagine, with a bit of coppery sparkle – oh well, she can be wearing an honorary black dress for this blog’s purposes. It’s so dark as to be nearly black anyway !!

Jessica Chastain 03     Jessica Chastain 04


Oh I liked this one, even though she is rocking the Morticia Adams look a tad !! This is Laura Prepon, famous for her role as Alex Vause in ‘Orange is the New Black’ , wearing a beautiful black mesh-lace gown with a real statement train with ruffles all around the bottom half. What an unusual design !! She looks lovely in it too.

Laura Prepon 01     Laura Prepon 02

I love her fabulous statement necklace too – it looks a bit vintagy with all the diamanté detailing – a real 1960s style collar necklace. Her jewellery is from Simon G and the dress was designed especially for her by Christian Siriano, himself a bit of a TV star, graduating as he did from ‘Runway‘ a few years back.

Laura Prepon 03


Lily Tomlin is  a rare sight on the red carpet these days, and so it was nice to see her walking the line in this black ensemble last Sunday. She looked lovely in this flatteringly well-cut satin dress with matt black bodice and lacy jacket. Her necklace is a vintage look collar necklace, which is a perfect shape for the neckline of the dress.

Lily Tomlin 01 Lily Tomlin 02


Michelle Monaghan looked absolutely ravishing in this strappy crystal-encrusted shift dress designed by Jason Wu, from his latest Pre-fall 2015 Collection.

Michelle Monaghan 01 Michelle Monaghan 02

I liked this enormously – she’s one of the few stars around who can get away with such a slinky strappy dress. I also love her star-shaped earrings by Irene Neuwirthe – they’re very pretty indeed and complement this dress perfectly.

With her hair behind one ear to show off said earrings, and coming over her shoulders, the effect was to stop her looking too bare – if she had her hair up, it would have looked a bit too sparse, if you know what I mean. Thin straps, no necklace and shorter earrings – with her hair up, there would be nothing of interest around the whole chin to shoulder area. As it is, this works well…


After the three top favourite colours of the evening, the next popular choice was metallic silver or gunmetal. Three ladies went with this successfully in my view.


I simply loved this look – what a fabulous slinky little dress from Chanel for Dakota !! This was from the Chanel Fall 2014 Couture Collection. The little strapless shirred bodice looks like one of those boob tubes from the 1970s (wow – remember them ?!!) and the silver sequin-encrusted fishtail skirt really works well with it. The design looks amazing on her slight frame and accentuates her slim figure really well.

Dakota Johnson 01      Dakota Johnson 02

She looked lovely with her hair over one shoulder – which seems to be the de rigeur hairstyle if you have longer hair and have opted to keep it down – and simple but well-defined make-up with a beautiful colour lipstick. A fabulously huge cocktail ring and a boxy little clutch complete the silver ensemble rather well, don’t you think ?

Dakota Johnson 03



Julianne Moore chose the silvery option too – this dress was from the Givenchy Couture line, and was custom-designed for her. Always a great choice if you’re a big star – what it means, in reality, is that you have your very own designer dress that no-one else can wear because it is cut for your body and will simply not look as fabulous on anyone else – who wouldn’t like that option ?!!

Julianne Moore 01      Julianne Moore 02

I loved this dress – and actually, just like the Prada label, I’m not a big fan of the Givenchy brand either, but even I have to admit, this is superb !! I love the graduation from silver down through gunmetal to black, and the addition of feathers around the bottom half of the skirt. Julianne wore her hair behind one ear to show off the impressively sparkly diamond earrings by Chopard, and sported an equally sparkly ring and bracelet comination by them too – gorgeous jewels !!

Julianne Moore 03


For once, Kate didn’t wear a slinky fishtail gown, opting instead for dress that had a fitted sparkly beaded bodice with a draped and gathered skirt, by Elie Saab from his Fall 2013 Collection. Just goes to show that this kind of thing simply doesn’t date in the same way as other fashions do.You could practically wear anything from the last twenty or thirty years in the red carpet/eveningwear line, and you would look just as good as in a gown from the latest collection. (Vintage Couture works beautifully on a red carpet as we have seen several stars prove in the last few years.)

Kate Beckinsale 01      Kate Beckinsale 02

Kate, like many other stars, wore her hair up in a bun – this one sat on the top of her head, which showed off her fabulous statement earrings from Bulgari. I also loved her amazing box-clutch, which look like it might be made of high quality titanium or something similar. A very Art Deco design with black rectangles outlining the clasps. The black nails were a bit of a statement too !!

Kate Beckinsale 03      Kate Beckinsale 04



Amy looked a perfect picture in this stunningly beautiful powder-blue gown, the third dress in my Best Dressed list by Donnatella, from the Atelier Versace label (how well she is doing in the awards season so far !!)

Amy Adams 01      Amy Adams 02

Amy looked lovely in this – relaxed and confident, and perfectly comfortable on the red carpet, and I must say, this is a great colour for a redhead, isn’t it ?!! A beautifully draped skirt and a little pleated flyaway panel coming from the pleated draping up to her shoulder – I think it joins the draped waistline at the centre-back, but we can’t quite see how it works in these pictures.

With her hair worn over one shoulder as the current fashion dictates, she wore beautiful dangly diamond earrings in a sort of Art Deco 1930s style, which I probably need to see close-up !!

Amy Adams 03


Felicity Jones is doing the awards rounds for the first time this year after being nominated for her role as Jane Hawking, wife of Stephen, in ‘The Theory of Everything’ – a film that comes highly recommended by the way !!

For her red carpet debut, she really made a big style statement at the Golden Globes last Sunday. I absolutely loved this amazing dress – it’s from Christian Dior Couture, and was stunning – the colour was glorious and the cut was unusually prim, with a high neckline in the front, but achingly stylish, and really stood out amongst the sea of red and white !!

Felicity Jones 01      Felicity Jones 02

The front might have been high-necked, but the back was a different story – it dipped down into a narrow V-shape with tiny self-covered buttons all down to the waist. The sheer simplicity of the cut and the unusual shape was a real head-turner. She went with vintage-inspired earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels, which echoes the vintage 1950s/60s shape of the gown.

Felicity Jones 03


Lana looked as pretty as a picture in this delightful aqua-green silk sun-ray pleated dress by Travilla from the vintage emporium ‘Decades’, owned and run in LA by designer Cameron Silver. This dress has divided opinion on the internet – around half the fashion press hated it, and slammed it for being old-fashioned and unflattering, while the other half loved it to bits, with most of the public comments coming down on the side of love !! Oooh, I do love a bit of fashion controversy !!

Lana Del Rey 01 Lana Del Rey 02

What do you all think – love or hate?


Well, that was my big Top 25 Best Dressed Ladies at the Golden Globes 2015 – next up will be my somewhat shorter, but reasonably bitchy, Worst Dressed list !! – so do come and have your say …


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